Invisalign Process

The Process
The Results
The Invisalign System Process

1 Our Invisalign-certified practitioner, Dr. Silviu Barzoi, takes records of the patient, including PVS impressions, intra and extra-oral photos and x-rays. The records are sent to Align Technology with the desired treatment goals.


2 Plaster models are poured and then scanned to create a highly accurate digital image.


3 A virtual treatment is created with the teeth moving gradually from initial to final position. Each stage corresponds to the movement built into a set of Aligners.

Screen Shot

4 This virtual treatment is presented to you in the form of a movie before starting the treatment.

Screen Shot

5 Upon approval between you and Dr. Barzoi, Align Technology will manufacture the customized Aligners. They will send the Aligners to our office, along with any instructions and attachment templates required. The sets of Aligners are then distributed to the patient at each appointment.

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